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Lizzie's East Helena Senior Session!

Lizzie had an amazing Senior Session! She is my first official Senior from East Helena High School (EHHS). In her Senior Questionnaire, Lizzie said she wanted her session in an amazing location filled with nature, trees, and trails. I had the perfect location in mind! We met at a beautiful spot about 20 minutes west of Helena to kick off Lizzie's Senior Session. Lizzie and I took a few minutes to chat before her session and plan out her outfits. I absolutely love helping Seniors look their best! I was ecstatic when I saw the amazing color coordinated outfits Lizzie brought with her. There were well thought out and were very different from one another. Lizzie is a shoe lover and also brought some of her cool kicks that matched her outfits perfectly!

Lizzie moved from Oregon to Montana 4 years ago and is as just in love with Montana as I am. She started at EHHS when it first opened and is a part of its first graduating class! She is the EHHS President of the Business Professionals of America Club. Lizzie plans to go to Montana State University in Bozeman to study architecture after she graduates.

Lizzie – thank you for trusting me with your Senior photos! I hope you have an amazing Senior year at EHHS. Remember, if you are ever asked to laugh on cue just think about Dwight’s elaborate fire alarm exercise from The Office 😊!


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